2020 Gift Buying Guide

It's that time of year again! This year we are focused on two things here at Paradigm; sustainability and supporting the small, local businesses. Here are a few of my favorite ideas for this year.

Rebecca’s Apothacary (Boulder)

What I love about this shop: Easy to shop online, ideas for everyone. They have everything from tea to massage oils to lip gloss.

Favorite Items: Custom tea blends for anything that ails you, lip gloss and great Momma to be gifts.

Queen's Salt Bath

Downtown Boulder (Boulder)

What I love: They have created gift boxes from many of the Pearl Street businesses.

Favorite Items: For the Adventurer Box

Bliss (Boulder)

What I love: They have flipped window shopping on its head by adding QR codes to all items in the store window. You can scan them and buy them for pick-up at a later date. The staff will also help you shop if you can’t find what you need online.

Favorite Items: I love their assortment of tea towels. From classy to crude, you’re sure to find a great hosting gift.

DeNev Designs (Boulder)

What I love: Pretty much everything! It’s hard to see just how talented Megan is but trust me her work is detailed and beautiful!

Favorite items: I love her prayer beads, chain link bracelets and her hoops (the stone is removable so you can just use as a hoop)! I wear my hoops all the time.

And a Couple Online Favorites:

EarthHero (online)

What I love: The name says it all, I’m all about reducing plastic in my life and they offer lots of solutions.

Favorite Items: Unpaper towels because it’s so easy to replace the massive amounts that we use! Also, the reusable bees wax covers replace Seran Wrap.

Uncommon Goods (online)

What I love: Most of their items are sustainable or have a purpose behind them (but not all).

Favorite items: I am loving this cloche smoker. It’s a great idea for the cocktail aficionado in your life.

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