A Spring Entryway

Phone, wallet, keys, purse—a proper entryway routine keeps you organized and gets you out of the house and on your way faster. But a great entry space relies on more than just organization, especially in spring when the season’s showers can bring flowers, mud and allergens into your home. Check out a few fave items for a next-level entryway renew.




A full-length mirror is perfect for those last-minute outfit checks (sometimes it’s tough to know how those shoes will look with those pants). And if you take Coco Chanel’s advice, “before you leave the house, look in the mirror and take one thing off.” To save floor space, hang it on the wall instead of propping it against or having one with a stand. The Phillipe Mirror from Made Goods has a trend-forward rounded edge and can add a level of sophistication to a space.


Accent wall mirrors are great to have right above a console table. I like to imagine three of these mid-century mirrors from West Elm side by side.

West Elm Mirror


I’ve always loved this mirror from Made Goods. It comes in three finishes to match your decor and is perfect for a Spring themed entry.

Made Goods Joelle Three Birds Mirror


Console table

If your wall mirrors are the windows to a soul, then this console table is the beating heart. It’ll be the showstopper of the room and will help pull together the look of auxiliary elements. Not to mention it’s reliability in holding your keys, wallet, phone and loose change (you no longer have an excuse for misplacing your keys).


Catch-alls are some of the best items to find out when thrifting. But in case you don’t have the time to search for the perfect ones, here are two I love from Etsy and Jenni Kayne. Place these on top of your console to provide a landing pad for all those loose items. Pro-tip: it’s super fun to layer catch-alls together.

Etsy Catch-all



This bench from West Elm has slideable doors that provide storage for shoes or other bits and bobs you’d like to hide away. Or you can do this beauty from Julian Chichester.

West Elm Bench


Julian Chichester Bench



You’re probably looking for a heavy-duty indoor rug with a low pile. If you have the space for it, we’d opt for a runner. This durable and neutral linen rug from Crate and Barrel will allow you to cover the most ground so muddy-shoed guests (and kids) won’t have the option of straying from it. If you want more color try this company, Danika.

Crate & Barrel Rug


Wall hooks

The bottle opener would look great clustered together with other wall hooks for coats, hats, purses, etc. Stick with the animal theme and go for this rabbit from Anthropologie or offset the statement with stripes in these cuff bracelet hooks. I also love these from CB2. These are so stylish that you’ll almost never want to hang coats over them. But if you do, they become functional art.




Umbrella stand

The umbrella stand, redesigned, while still staying simple in it’s design.


Additional items that need consideration are a small clock so you know the exact time, a lamp to provide a cozy feeling and an area to organize incoming and outgoing mail.





Rain chain

Dont’ forget the exterior. Looking to up your curb appeal but traditional downspouts got you down? Go with a more stylish rain chain to help transport water off your gutters.

Rain Chain


Want more inspiration for your spring entryway? Check out Paradigm Designer’s Pinterest board “Trending: Spring Entryways.”

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