Behind the Scenes at Paradigm Interior Design

Est. 2004

Welcome! I’m Dawn, the lead designer and founder of Paradigm Interior Design.

I’m driven to make things happen with an ability to create sophisticated, functional designs. I love selecting luxurious materials and creating sustainable spaces for families to live in. 

With me, you can expect a level of excitement and dedication that matches yours. I’ll be on site with the contractors and architects, stepping into the carpenter’s shop to see how your custom furniture is coming along and guiding you through every step. I love sharing industry knowledge on the advantages of different materials, the aesthetic certain products create and more in-depth insights.

Whether you’re too busy to pick out the materials for your custom home, overwhelmed with the idea of a remodel or just need someone to pull ideas together for a reading nook in your living room, I’m at your service. 

Take a look at the options here and let’s connect when you’re ready to explore the possibilities.

About Dawn

Lead Designer

I’m a Montana native, mom to three and outdoor enthusiast. I love building things, space planning and getting my hands dirty with the actual construction side of interior design. My travels, whether it be to Costa Rica, or to a mountain biking trail here in Colorado, influence my aesthetic on every occasion.

The inspirations that come from a sense of home.

Growing up, the concept of living in a space that reflects your personality, with luxury and leisure, was unknown to me. As I explored interior design, I began to realize just how impactful and inspiring a home could be. It led me to completing a school-to-work program, shadowing an architect and interior designer while in high school. I went onto receive my bachelor’s degree in interior design and worked with a local showroom and residential designer before founding my own firm. 

I never thought I would own a business, let alone have the incredible honor of influencing the homes of those in my city. It is something I don’t take lightly. I constantly find ways to give back to those who, like me, didn’t grow up with the means to have a house that actually feels like home.

Turning houses into homes

I would be beyond grateful to craft a new sense of home for you. I thoroughly enjoy guiding my clients through an in-depth, thorough process in which they feel comfortable making decisions. Oftentimes, I combine layered textures, bold colors and eco-friendly materials to design a captivating space.

Dawn Chau owner of Paradigm Interior Design

What to Expect from Paradigm Interior Design

Everything customized to elevate your style.

We are not the designers that push our style on you, but rather, we guide you through the process. Together, we’ll create a space that reflects your style.

Extensive industry knowledge

We’ve been doing this for 16 years and have multiple repeat clients. We’ll introduce you to the best vendors and recommend the most cost-effective materials. We’ve built relationships with vendors and the trades so that when something arises, we’ve got you covered.

No Hidden Fees

An hourly rate is the industry standard, which can often result in starting a project without knowing the ultimate cost involved. However, at Paradigm Interior Design, every project includes a straightforward, upfront project cost. We’ll also help you decide on a line-by-line budget for materials.

A commitment to eco-friendly materials

We strive to use sustainable materials in all projects so as to minimize environmental effects. We believe that furniture should last generations, not be thrown into the trash after a couple years. That is why we help you select timeless pieces that are well constructed. The pieces in your home should become the backdrop to your memories, your children’s memories and those of your grandchildren too.