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ICFF – A Brief Re-Cap

Friday, May 27th, 2011

I attended ICFF on May 17th.  As usual there were so many talented vendors and beautiful products that I hope to incorporate into my designs.  Here are a few of my favorites.


MineHeart rocking Lamp Rocking Lamp by MineHeart.  I think this would be so cute in a kids room.


A great rolling credenza by AKMD – love the wheels!  Please come home with me…

Graindesign mirror

A simple, rustic mirror from Grain.  Great for a powder room or a Nantucket cabin.

Urban case

This piece was a favorite!  Great design and details for a bar cabinet.  Great job Urbancase!

Cerno LED

Finally, a great functional bedside lamp.  Thank you Cerno!


Probably the most interesting product find this year…cork countertops.  You can cut on them, fabricate them like a chopping block for the kitchen or use on a vanity.  I know what you are thinking, because I was too, bacteria city!  Not so…I learned that cork is anti-microbial, naturally water & heat resistant and self healing (if you cut on it you’ll never see the slice).  They demonstrated a red wine spill and no stain!  Great new kitchen product. 

iacolimcallister frame lights.jpg

Fun lights from Iacoli & McAllister.  Available in many happy colors.

Happy New Year!

Monday, January 10th, 2011

Wow, 2011 is officially here.  The beginning of a New Year is time to reflect and shoot for the stars in all that we do.  Some take to resolutions, I on the other hand, prefer to write goals and update the long term ones written in years past.  I thought it would be fun to share some of those goals with you since most of them relate to the design world.  Hopefully I’ve inspired some goal writing of your own.  moleskin goals

    1.  Become LEED certified - I planted the seed a year ago by taking the initial steps and classes.  I’m ready to study and conquer! 

    2.  Complete CEO certificate at FIT – I began taking classes last year and only have one class left.  I’ve learned some great new ideas for my business.  

    3.   Custom Furniture Design - I’ve been developing product designs for furniture and lighting and want to refine the initial set so I can begin discussing with manufacturers. 

    4.  Run the NYC Marathon – Training has begun and I’m excited…just as long as I stay injury free.  I’m in full recruitment mode so plan your excuses. 

    5.  Win Another Award – It’s addicting and I’d like to get another award wining project under my belt.  Will it be yours?

    6.  LED Lighting Education- It’s on the books for April 19th.  The focus is using LED’s for the home.  Class is being offered by NY School of Interior Design.  There is so much to learn from this ever evolving technology.

    7.  Have More Fun – I love what I do and I plan to enjoy it more this year by continuing to be creative and spreading the enthusiasm with my clients. 

    8.  Take Up Another Photography Class - I love photography!  I’ve taken one class already but the skills still need improvement…so many technicalities for me to learn. 

    9.  Learn the Art of Wine – I’ve long enjoyed a good glass but I’d like to understand the differences in the regions.

   10.  Give Back – I will mentor young designers or volunteer throughout the Denver and NYC communities.  If you have any suggestions please forward them.

Here’s wishing you a beautiful 2011.  Share each moment with those you love and never take a minute for granted.  Cheers!

Enlightened about LED’s

Monday, April 5th, 2010

Have you’ve been hearing the praise about the energy savings of LED’s? Want to jump on board? Here’s some information to help
you get started. I’ve recently completed a project using LED for all the track lighting in a residence. We used Eco-Story because it had a good color balance, not a blue cold light, not too buggy yellow.

What does LED stand for?
• Light Emitting Diode

How much energy can I save?
• This depends on the individual manufacturer. I’ll use a manufacture that I’m familiar with; Eco-Story. Their MR16 uses 4 watts of energy versus a typical MR16 that uses anywhere from 20-60 Watts.

What is the lifespan of a LED?
• Again just for consistency I’ll use the Eco-Story MR16. It is rated at 40-50,000 hours versus a “long life” typical halogen MR16 at 10,000 hours. This means that on average, the bulbs are expected to last for 40-50,000 hours of use. Wow huh?!

What are the advantages of LED?
• They do not get hot like halogens and incandescent bulbs.
• They use far less energy.
• Their lamp life is out of this world.

What are the disadvantages?
• The light output is not always great.
• Not all of them are dimmable. And when they are, they may shut off at a certain point cause they don’t have the full range of dimming like an incandescent. If you want to dim LED’s, my experience shows that the more lights on the circuit the further they will dim. Also, they are not compatible with all dimmer switches. For example, the Eco-Story dimmable bulb works best on a Lutron switch. This has to do with what is inside the dimmer.
• Sometimes the color is not a white white, it will have a red or blue undertone.
• Cost. Typical halogen MR16 is roughly $6.00; LED MR16 is around $45. Yes, they are an investment but you can always take them with you if you move.
• They haven’t developed LED’s for all types of bulbs.
• They are not readably available at stores and when they are, the quality can be poor.

Always test a lamp or two to make sure it is the quality of light you desire for your application. I plan on testing a few manufacturers in the near future and will post results soon.

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