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Creative Wrapping…

Thursday, November 17th, 2011

Have you ever wanted to spruce up your gift wrapping skills for the holidays?  Now is your chance!  Here is a colorful selection of ideas to help you dress your gifts appropriately for any occasion.

Tip 1: Accessorize your package!

Gift wrapping doesn’t have to be complicated. The simplest wrapping paper can be embellished with a variety of easy to make or inexpensive to buy personal touches.


Yarn pompoms add a cozy touch to the kraft wrapping paper. Buy yarn that matches the colors of your holiday decorations.

Watch the first 3 minutes of this video and you will be a pompom expert!

creative unique gift wrap

Love these ideas!  Head to your local craft store and find some ribbon, jewels, felt, and doilies – or whatever little treasures catch your eye! Start with the ribbon, it will allow you to attach your fun finds to the gift more easily.  Next, customize the package with your personal creation.  Think of it like a small work of art made with love for the receiver of this pretty package.

IMG_1273You can’t go wrong with a little bit of sparkle.  Purchase some glitter paper or apply spray glue to an old ornament and sprinkle with glitter.  The results are classy and tasteful.

Tip 2: Re-use

Wondering what to do with the old newspaper, phonebook, map, or collection of kids artwork?  Try one of these ideas.


Recycle your newspaper in a more meaningful way.  News print offers a visually interesting way to wrap a package.


Pull out the ancient ball of twine and package of construction paper and get to work!  The twine looks rustic and the shapes cut from construction paper offer a homemade touch.


Invest in a few interesting stamps and ink pads.  Apply to an ordinary paper bag, fabric or  plain wrapping paper an the result is extraordinary.


Phonebooks may be a thing of the past but that doesn’t mean they belong in the trash.  The colorful ads can make a great bow.  Try this simple origami pinwheel:

ss_100912491 bhg jar gift

Remember those old jam jars that your grandma had? Well they make the perfect stocking stuffer for loved ones!  Fill with candy, golf balls, hair accessories, gift cards, and small toys.  Top with a bow and your work is done.


Your child’s artwork can be a special way to wrap gifts for close family and friends.  Go through the stack that has found its way into a forgotten cupboard and put it to good use this holiday season.

Tip 3: Add a bold pattern

Pick a theme for your gift wrapping this year. It can be a color, pattern, or texture.


These stripes can give your gifts a glimpse of old school glamour.


The polka dots combine nicely with the laser cut applique.


Try making your own reusable gift boxes this year.  Purchase a few sheets of scrap book paper that have great patterns. Cut them to the size of your box top and glue them on.  Pick a matching or contrasting ribbon, measure to size, and attach using spray glue.  Choose an accessory of your choice to top the box.  Attach by making a small slit the width of a toothpick in the ribbon.  Slide the “ornament” into the slot and voila!

Happy Wrapping!