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A First Home in Denver

Saturday, April 21st, 2012

I had hoped to be ready to post some “preliminary” shots of our new house, but didn’t want you all to think we are total slobs.  We have been in the new house for just over a week.  Step one was getting things out of boxes and into piles.  We have succeeded at that, but the next step of finding everything a home has been a bit trickier, so here are some photos to give you a feel for the space, but none of the belongings in the pictures are ours. Hence, my personal disclaimer:  I am going to cheat a bit with the first photos of our new home today.  These are the photos taken by the realtor and whoever staged our home prior to us buying it, so none of the furniture it ours – also, please note they used a wide angle lens so the spaces feel slightly larger than they really are.

I love this picture – our new place has tons of windows and light.  As you can see the space is long and fairly narrow – I can’t wait to paint and get some really fun carpet on the stairs.

Once in the door, this is your view directly to the right.  I am thinking this will be where our TV has to go and maybe a small chair in the corner by the window.

This is your view to the left of the door, essentially our living space.  It looks clean and simple with this furniture, but our pieces are slightly larger so I am going to have to play with it a bit.  A bold patterned rug is something I am looking for and a new light fixture or fan – I am undecided if we actually want a fan in this space or not.

This rectangular table fits nicely in the space, but ours is round.  It will be interesting to see how it fits.  We also have a large armoire that we want in this area to serve as a pantry since there isn’t one in the kitchen.

I love the island in the kitchen and the huge sink!  Our biggest issue is the limited number of cabinets and drawers.  We only have eight cabinets and five drawers.  Storage solutions will be my initial focus in this space.

The half bath downstairs is enormous and a poor use of space.  Down the road I would love to reconfigure it and add a pantry and coat closet.

The master bedroom has doors or windows on every wall, which makes using the space a bit more challenging.  I am hoping to get a dresser, two small night stands, and a little vanity table in here.

I will post another update in the next few weeks once our belongings are settled.  We are in the process of picking paint colors so I will keep you posted on that progress.  Until then…


Room Re-do

Thursday, March 22nd, 2012

Recently Paradigm held a contest for a room re-do on our Facebook page.  Our lucky winner was Rosa of New York City.    Below is the before photo of her submitted living room.


And below are a few shots of what we did to liven up the room and address the concerns Rosa had.  Many of Rosa’s pieces were large and actually did not need to be repositioned in the room so we started by leaving them in place.  The most obvious thing we did was move the chaise at an angle to open up the room to the entry and kitchen.  We selected a smaller tray for the ottomans because the one she had was maxing out the surface area because it was the wrong scale.  Although we didn’t get to it, we determined that the photos above the TV were hung correctly however they needed to be raised about 3-4 inches (not to exceed the height of the black bookcase).  The other items that are to be completed and things you can apply to your own home are:

- Add softness to the higher pieces.  We proposed removing the basket and adding a plant on top of the black bookcase.  The apartment is light-filled so we wanted to take advantage.

- Hiding clutter.  Moving the baskets of DVD’s and misc items to the base of the bookcase clears the space on the floor so that it feels more airy and open.  Small, but very important change.

- Cord management.  An issue in every home but try tucking them behind furniture, under rugs or buying clips that secure to the furniture so you can run then along a leg or base.

- Grouping items in vignettes.  Try grouping small items in odd numbers instead of lining them up.  We did this with Rosa’s plants on her window sill and it made everything look refined and purposeful.

- Scale.  Scale is the easiest thing to overlook and also the trickiest for those with an untrained eye.  Don’t stretch items to the edge of furniture but rather show off some of the surface.  This may be as easy as moving a large plant to the back of the group or to the floor.  Or as in the room below, switching out the tray on the ottoman.

- Book placement.  Sounds silly right?  However, not lining all your books up is actually better.  Try placing some vertical and some laying flat.  Place any small trinkets on top of the horizontal/flat books to again create those special vignettes in the room.