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An Office-Nursery Combination

Friday, January 25th, 2013

In NYC, you make do with what you have and honestly, I love finding creative ways to make small spaces work.  Most people would never combine an office and nursery but if it’s properly executed, it can be done.  Our nursery and office combo are finally complete, in time to relax a bit before the baby arrives.  Here’s the progress and how it all came to life.

First the before shots.  We had a large desk that both my husband and I tried sharing (might I say that it is a very bad idea to share a desk with a creative person).  It was far too deep and just taking up space that could be utilized better.   The office was also very dark because it only had ONE recessed can light, which is why you see that lovely hanging bulb.

To the right of the old desk was a catch-all space for my design “stuff” (inspiration boards, drafting and office supplies, files etc) housed on the wall and in cheap plastic containers.

Behind the door is a funky little space that I filled with old wine crates to use as book shelves.

The only window in the room.  The apartment had come with these dark grayish-purple heavy cotton drapes.  I had the fun remnant piece of fabric so created a little window seat with hanging candles because it worked; not because I loved it.

And here’s the transformation!  Overall the room is eclectic and whimsical without screaming baby.  I used gold, white and pops of red against the soothing gray backdrop.  Several items are custom made by myself for the space including the desks on the right, storage unit on back wall and mobile above the crib.  The focal point of the room is the art wall that consists of some purchased art, framed art paper and paintings that my husband and I made.   The custom storage piece on the back wall hides office supplies, files, baby clothing & bedding and a changing area.  A rug from West Elm help soften all the wood and brighten the space.


Those wine crates behind the door served their purpose but they had to go.  I was tired of the temporary college furniture feel and it would not be safe for a child’s room.  We instead replaced it with a red lacquered book shelf that could be secured to the wall.  This holds both baby and our books, a nightlight and art.  I disliked the heaviness of the drapery so replaced it with a light, airy sheer.  To add a pop of red in that area, I added a pom pom trim to the leading edge.  This helped lighten the space further.  I changed the cushion to a solid gray eliminating a pattern that did not relate to the room.

Below is the “office side” of the room with the custom desks.  I actually enjoy working in here now that we have light.  This is probably the cleanest my desk will ever be and I’m sure eventually the right wall will slowly become filled with more inspirational photos but for now, I’m enjoying the cleanliness of this area.  I just need to find a great piece of art for above the desks.



Hickory Chair Furniture Contest – Please Vote

Wednesday, September 14th, 2011

Hickory Chair is hosting a design challenge and I’m up for it!  You know I am a great supporter of this company and I can’t think of anyone else that I’d rather have build one of my designs.  You can see my design below.  It is functional for both a dining room but also for the person whose office IS the dining table.  I’ve seen the home office need many times in smaller apartments and honestly, I’d love one for our home as well. 

I would be so grateful for your support so please click here to cast your vote for my design. 

As many of you already know I LOVE furniture design.  It has always been a dream to design and sell my concepts that I’ve created over the years.  Most of my designs come from a client need that cannot be filled by existing companies.  My designs are multi-functional because double duty is always better as our lives change.  If I am selected as the winner of this contest, I’ll be given a $10,000 credit with Hickory Chair but more importantly to me, my design may be built by Hickory Chair and possibly become part of their collection.   So please vote!     Hickory Chair Design Contest Entry

Happy New Year!

Monday, January 10th, 2011

Wow, 2011 is officially here.  The beginning of a New Year is time to reflect and shoot for the stars in all that we do.  Some take to resolutions, I on the other hand, prefer to write goals and update the long term ones written in years past.  I thought it would be fun to share some of those goals with you since most of them relate to the design world.  Hopefully I’ve inspired some goal writing of your own.  moleskin goals

    1.  Become LEED certified - I planted the seed a year ago by taking the initial steps and classes.  I’m ready to study and conquer! 

    2.  Complete CEO certificate at FIT – I began taking classes last year and only have one class left.  I’ve learned some great new ideas for my business.  

    3.   Custom Furniture Design - I’ve been developing product designs for furniture and lighting and want to refine the initial set so I can begin discussing with manufacturers. 

    4.  Run the NYC Marathon – Training has begun and I’m excited…just as long as I stay injury free.  I’m in full recruitment mode so plan your excuses. 

    5.  Win Another Award – It’s addicting and I’d like to get another award wining project under my belt.  Will it be yours?

    6.  LED Lighting Education- It’s on the books for April 19th.  The focus is using LED’s for the home.  Class is being offered by NY School of Interior Design.  There is so much to learn from this ever evolving technology.

    7.  Have More Fun – I love what I do and I plan to enjoy it more this year by continuing to be creative and spreading the enthusiasm with my clients. 

    8.  Take Up Another Photography Class - I love photography!  I’ve taken one class already but the skills still need improvement…so many technicalities for me to learn. 

    9.  Learn the Art of Wine – I’ve long enjoyed a good glass but I’d like to understand the differences in the regions.

   10.  Give Back – I will mentor young designers or volunteer throughout the Denver and NYC communities.  If you have any suggestions please forward them.

Here’s wishing you a beautiful 2011.  Share each moment with those you love and never take a minute for granted.  Cheers!