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Celebrate Independence Day with Style

Friday, June 29th, 2012

Here are some fun, classy ideas that I found online while looking for 4th of July ideas.


This is from Twig & Thistle blog.  They’ve done a great job keeping it elegant and simple by using a common motif and color.  Click on the link to see more ideas from this creative team.


A 4th of July picnic or Bar-B-Que is all about mobility and easy to eat foods.  Organize & Decorate Everything takes you step-by-step on how to make these simple food cones.


Another do it yourself project from Women’s Day.  I like this because you could add your own motif to it and reuse it every year.  Use it for silverware, condiments, etc.


I’m all about using items found around the house.  Try this cute idea reusing tin cans that have been pierced and painted.


And we can’t forget food!  I’m not sure what the drink is but you could easily make this with champagne and blueberries.

A nicely done Rice Crispy bar!


One of my favorite summer drinks is a watermelon slushy.  It’s super easy so thought I’d share it with you.  Just cut up large chunks of watermelon and throw in a blender; blend until smooth.  Add ice and fresh mint and enjoy a refreshing drink.  You can also add sparkling water or alcohol of your choice.  Cheers to a safe holiday!







Hamptons Inspiration

Thursday, June 23rd, 2011

It’s summertime and the Hamptons are the go to place for a little summer R&R. A breath of fresh air from the hot, sticky streets of NYC in the summertime, the Hamptons are not only a spot to let loose and relax, but they are a great place to get inspired for your own personal retreat…even if yours isn’t in the Hamptons.


Love this pool house by Neff Architecture. When I think East coast beach style this is what I like to see; gray shingles with white trim and perfect proportions.   These gray shingles (also known as clapboard siding) look great on the coast.  I think it’s the way they age and contrast against the backdrop.  I wonder who owns this and if they’ll let me move in?

Rooms with a lot of windows are fantastic in the summer, and in the Hamptons there is no shortage of these.  Try using the natural landscape to provide color in the room, so white furniture pops against the beauty just beyond the windows. The pictures below are great examples of bringing the outside in.


I love the freshness and versatility of white in vacation homes. It’s invigorating and so easy to change the accent colors. White can be used in so many fun ways.


A living space designed by Vicente Wolf in the Hamptons.  If you use a lot of white, it’s great to warm it up with a sisal rug and some wood.


Raw wood and nautical hints are always a great idea.  I love this interior by Heiberg Cummings Design.  The white washed paneling and natural earth colors make me want to explore.


Above is a great example of crisp whites accented by vibrant colors.  Definitely a fresh feeling room to walk into and take a cat nap with the summer breezes drifting in.  Ahhh!

If you want to keep a summery state of mind year round, design your room with lots of neutral colored or white furniture. Add some bright colors, and you can take that retreat any time without leaving home.

Happy summer!