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Denver Home Update!

Thursday, June 21st, 2012

We have been in our new home a little over two months and are beginning to get settled .  We still have a LONG way to go, but here is a little peek at some of the spaces as they progress little by little.

Our living room is livable at the moment. There are three things I would like to do in this space: get a new sofa, reupholster the arm chair, and reupholster the ottoman.

As previously mentioned, storage is our biggest issue.  I invested in a reasonably presentable door rack to hold spices and baking supplies.  On the other wall (not pictured) is a stainless steel shelf unit that holds all of our dishes.  We painted the walls a very soft gray but have yet to decide on a color for the kitchen nook – I am thinking about something bold like stripes but I am not sure Tobey will go for that.


Our bedroom is still in the organizational process (the walls aren’t as yellow as they look!!).  The patterned curtains are covering my closet since we had to remove the doors.  I am looking for a fun grey and white stripe fabric to make into panels. I would also like to mount the TV to the wall.

This is my office/storage room at the moment.  It is home to everything that I haven’t had time to hang, get rid of, or find a home for – pretty much a big mess. I have high hopes of tackling this room over the weekend!!

That’s all for now.  I will have a more finished product to show you in another few weeks!!!


Making a House a Home

Thursday, March 8th, 2012

Tis the season at Paradigm to embrace your home, new or old. Dawn and her husband recently moved into a new home in NYC and now I am set to close on a house in Denver at the beginning of April.  We have given you tips on how to make a space feel bigger, more inviting, less cluttered, brighter, warmer, more welcoming, or cozy – whatever it is that you are looking for - we have recommended adding paint, lighting, plants, artwork, window treatments, cool textures, or moving furniture.  All of these things can make your house feel more like a home, but in the end there are a few things that make a dwelling your personal refuge and they have nothing to do with renovation, decor, or paint.  Here are five ways to make your house more of a home.

Quality Time - Your home should be more than the place you go to get 6 hours of shut eye every night.  To make it yours you need to be in it.  Try turning down one activity a week to spend an evening at home.

Use Your Space - Has your oven become another storage compartment?  If so, it is time to clear it out and get cookin!  Make your significant other or a friend a home-made meal, back some chocolate chip cookies (YUM), sprawl out on the living room floor to work on a project, or soak in the tub with a glass of wine.   Make your routine more than home, dinner, TV, bed.  This is how you will get acquainted with your home.

Practice Kindness - Your home is a place to share with loved ones, so be mindful of the memories you make in it. The walls of your home will hold onto the love and kindness you dispel within them, so share you positive energy.

Add Music – Remember that song you heard in the 5th grade and still know all of the words to?  This is just one example of how music makes an impression on us. Music makes the heart happy. Turn on your favorite tunes to dance, sing, and jam out in the privacy of your living room.  It’s okay to be a kid!

Entertain Without Worry – We are all guilty of wanting our home to be perfect when we invite guests over.  Remember that creating the “perfect” home is a constant work in progress.  Your surroundings will evolve and change daily just as you do.  Instead of worrying about footprints on the floor or dust in the corners try to be present.  Allow yourself to enjoy the moments shared with good company and close friends.

Room Re-do Contest!!!

Wednesday, February 8th, 2012

Post pictures of or write about your LEAST favorite room in your home on our Facebook page for a chance to win a room re-do between now and February 20th!  Leave a brief description about what you dislike and why. Encourage friends to “like” your post.  The person with the most “likes” will win. The winner will be announced Monday, February 27th. Details are below!

5 Easy Steps:

1. Log into your Facebook account.

2. Find us on Facebook at:  

3. Click on “Photo” which is write next to “Post”.

 4. Select Upload a Photo

5. Click “Choose File” to select the image you want to upload

Contest Details:

- Submit photos of one room – post via your computer or phone to Facebook.

- Encourage friends and family to like your post and picture.  The person with the most “likes” will win.

- There are no restrictions on the location of the property.

*Winner will receive a room re-do. We start by rearranging your existing pieces of furniture to make the space more functional and visually appealing.  Next we can help you select paint colors, accessorize, and fall back in the love with your home!

- Winner will be announced February 27th via Facebook and our website/blog.  Pictures of the before and after will be posted on our blog upon completion.





Quick Fixes for Your Home

Thursday, February 2nd, 2012

Bored with your home?  Looking for some easy, affordable ways to freshen things up?  Look no further!  Here are some quick fixes to update any room in your home.

Option 1: Paint

Get rid of the boring beige.  Below is a great example of how a little color on the walls can brighten up a space and make it feel larger.

 Work to find the right balance of light and dark.  This will prevent a room with dark walls from feeling small.  The light floors, cabinets, and ceiling are a beautiful contrast to the navy walls.

Don’t be afraid to try a bright color.

That said, neutrals can also make a statement when the right hue is used.  Notice how crisp this color looks with the white trim.

Try a pattern to make a bold statement in a small space.

Consider putting the pattern on the floor.  It is a great way to provide color and visual interest in any space.

Option 2: Revamp or upgrade a light fixture

This is a great example of how an old brass chandelier can have a new life if you have the time for a little DIY project.  Try a spray paint with a gloss finish.

I had to throw this in.  I made a wine glass chandelier to go with my thesis project back in college.  It took 36 wine glasses, fishing line, and a single light bulb.

I love using chandeliers in different spaces such as bedrooms, closets, or bathrooms.  They add a touch of nostalgia and intimacy to a room.

A funky grouping of fixtures can make a dynamic statement.

Option 3: Make your bed the throne of your bedroom

Reinvent your headboard.  Try a found material like the one below made of old plank floor boards.

Consider reupholstering an antique headboard with a bold color or pattern that draws the eye.

If you don’t have room or the budget for a headboard, consider a wall decal.  They are an inexpensive, fun way to give a room character.

Option 4: Reupholster or refinish

Find a piece of furniture that has good bones but is in sad shape.  Give it some TLC and the end product can be stunning.

This console has an old school finish, but a carefully applied coat of paint gives it a lovely new life.

Option 5: Invest

Invest in ONE “statement piece” of furniture per room.  It can be a piece that you lovingly refurbish or one that you choose to splurge on.  Whether a chair, desk, mirror, accent piece, table, or rug, the choice is up to you, but one thing is certain – it must steal the show.  What is your eye drawn to in the images below?


Organizing Your Kitchen

Thursday, January 19th, 2012

The kitchen is a gathering space.  Along with the friends and family who often congregate here, the kitchen is home to a million types of utensils, appliances, pots, pans, junk drawers, and much more.  The amount of “stuff” we accumulate in our kitchens can be overwhelming.  There are never enough nooks, crannies, cupboards, drawers, or shelves to put everything away.  Instead of trying to hide the things that make your kitchen a kitchen, consider a different way to store or display them.  They just might blend right in when given the right home in plain sight.

This is a beautifully simple kitchen.  Everyday items become the visual focal point from countertop to ceiling on butcher block shelves.

 I love the vintage table used as an island, open display of kitchen knives, and unique wall pattern that contrasts the plain white cabinets.

Try putting your coffee grounds, sugar, flour, and other household staples in glass jars instead of hiding them in cupboards.  The different colors and textures provide visual interest.

If you don’t have space on a shelf for your spices, try using the bottom side – buy matching jam jars with metal lids that you can tack to the underside of a shelf.

Warm up stainless steel with a few accents that bring your personality into the kitchen.

Pick two styles of containers/baskets that have different textures to organize open shelves.

Layer objects of varying size and scale.  Stack shelves of different lengths and widths to give a wall depth.

The perfect spot for every utensil.

Combine shelving and basic wall-hanging elements to create your own storage unit.

Now lets switch gears and put all of these pieces together.  Below are a selection of beautiful kitchens that caught my eye. Enjoy!!


Giving Thanks

Thursday, November 3rd, 2011

Thanksgiving is one of the times throughout the year that we often slow down and reflect about our daily lives.  This year I wanted to share, in no particular order, the things I am most thankful for.  They are:

1.  My Health – I am thankful every day that I am able to go for a run, practice yoga or learn a new sport.

2.  Our New Home – We are mostly settled and I’m so much happier because our home is actually warm (no blankets are wrapped around me as I type this blog), it’s quiet (being on a corner in NYC is no fun) and last but not least, we gave up being across from Central Park but we do have a little patio all to ourselves.  I can’t wait to grow herbs and veggies next summer.  I look forward to designing our home and sharing it with all (pics coming soon).

3.  Family & Friends – because without them I’d be lost.  My family has always stood behind me and my friends are additional support that provide laughs when needed.

4.  The ability to explore other creative avenuesover the past year including woodworking and an encaustic art class.   As a creative person these workshops continue to strengthen my talents and knowledge that I can then bring to my projects.

5.  Each and every one of my clients who have believed that I can transform their home.  It takes a lot of trust to let someone into your personal space so a big “Thank You!”