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Denver Home Update!

Thursday, June 21st, 2012

We have been in our new home a little over two months and are beginning to get settled .  We still have a LONG way to go, but here is a little peek at some of the spaces as they progress little by little.

Our living room is livable at the moment. There are three things I would like to do in this space: get a new sofa, reupholster the arm chair, and reupholster the ottoman.

As previously mentioned, storage is our biggest issue.  I invested in a reasonably presentable door rack to hold spices and baking supplies.  On the other wall (not pictured) is a stainless steel shelf unit that holds all of our dishes.  We painted the walls a very soft gray but have yet to decide on a color for the kitchen nook – I am thinking about something bold like stripes but I am not sure Tobey will go for that.


Our bedroom is still in the organizational process (the walls aren’t as yellow as they look!!).  The patterned curtains are covering my closet since we had to remove the doors.  I am looking for a fun grey and white stripe fabric to make into panels. I would also like to mount the TV to the wall.

This is my office/storage room at the moment.  It is home to everything that I haven’t had time to hang, get rid of, or find a home for – pretty much a big mess. I have high hopes of tackling this room over the weekend!!

That’s all for now.  I will have a more finished product to show you in another few weeks!!!


Making a House a Home

Thursday, March 8th, 2012

Tis the season at Paradigm to embrace your home, new or old. Dawn and her husband recently moved into a new home in NYC and now I am set to close on a house in Denver at the beginning of April.  We have given you tips on how to make a space feel bigger, more inviting, less cluttered, brighter, warmer, more welcoming, or cozy – whatever it is that you are looking for - we have recommended adding paint, lighting, plants, artwork, window treatments, cool textures, or moving furniture.  All of these things can make your house feel more like a home, but in the end there are a few things that make a dwelling your personal refuge and they have nothing to do with renovation, decor, or paint.  Here are five ways to make your house more of a home.

Quality Time - Your home should be more than the place you go to get 6 hours of shut eye every night.  To make it yours you need to be in it.  Try turning down one activity a week to spend an evening at home.

Use Your Space - Has your oven become another storage compartment?  If so, it is time to clear it out and get cookin!  Make your significant other or a friend a home-made meal, back some chocolate chip cookies (YUM), sprawl out on the living room floor to work on a project, or soak in the tub with a glass of wine.   Make your routine more than home, dinner, TV, bed.  This is how you will get acquainted with your home.

Practice Kindness - Your home is a place to share with loved ones, so be mindful of the memories you make in it. The walls of your home will hold onto the love and kindness you dispel within them, so share you positive energy.

Add Music – Remember that song you heard in the 5th grade and still know all of the words to?  This is just one example of how music makes an impression on us. Music makes the heart happy. Turn on your favorite tunes to dance, sing, and jam out in the privacy of your living room.  It’s okay to be a kid!

Entertain Without Worry – We are all guilty of wanting our home to be perfect when we invite guests over.  Remember that creating the “perfect” home is a constant work in progress.  Your surroundings will evolve and change daily just as you do.  Instead of worrying about footprints on the floor or dust in the corners try to be present.  Allow yourself to enjoy the moments shared with good company and close friends.