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Help for Cord Clutter

Friday, July 6th, 2012

We all have cords in our homes…but certain areas (desks, entertainment centers and nightstands) become easily overwhelmed by all our gadgets.  Here are some quick suggestions on how to manage all those crazy cords.

I’m currently working on a home where we want to hide the cords from a crawling baby.  We are going to create a thick baseboard to run them through.  I’ll post pictures when we are done.  Until then, here are some simple solutions to clean up the cord clutter in your home.

Because I share a printer in our office, I am constantly looking for the USB to plug into.  This holder from Blue Lounge would certainly help (as would a wireless printer).  Although one has to be careful to limit the amount of “helpers” so the desk doesn’t become cluttered.


Room and Board offers these simple yet very functional cord covers that run along your furniture edges and legs.  Very well designed.


If you are in need of running cords around a room, this idea works and is a decorative element for a kids room or play room.  From Apartment Therapy.


This clever little outlet cover would be great behind a nightstand.  Lamps usually have long cords and this would work nicely.


There are several ways you could label your cords if needed.  Need a very inexpensive solution?  Here it is!  Cute idea from Simply Placed for all those little bread “things” that get tossed into the trash.

Picture labels from Dotz.  They have several versions as well.