Odd-Shaped Rugs: I’ve Found Some Great Options!

I’ve been on the search for oddly shaped rugs for a couple of projects I have going on, so I thought I would share what I’ve been able to find in case you’re looking for the same for your home.

Whether you need a different shape for the purposes of space or are just looking for some added interest in your design, they can be hard to find, so I hope this is helpful to you!

Studio The Blue Boy, based in Japan, produces rugs that make you feel like you have a work of art on your floor! These rugs are handwoven in Kyoto, Japan and are truly amazing!

Made from 100% wool from New Zealand, these rugs are comfy to walk on as well as being colorful and unique. Take a look at the options here if you’re looking for a real showstopper for your home!

Ted Baker designs beautiful and sustainable rugs for your home. This Massyi rug is available in this blue tone as well as a purple tone and has an elegant scalloped edge. There is also a scalloped rectangular rug available for a larger space.

Want to know more about the sustainability efforts of Ted Baker? Visit here to see what they are doing in their business to reduce waste in the industry. 

Made from New Zealand wool, this creative design from Pieces Home is available in custom colors, shapes, and sizes. Small or large, this look will bring added interest to your home interiors. 

Other shapes available include circles and geometric shapes … take a look at the whole collection to find some very cool options!

These squiggle rugs from okej, a Swedish design company based in the US, come in several colors and prints and 2 sizes for your home or workspace. 

Want an actual piece of art for with an ultra modern vibe? Give them a look!

Looking for something lovely and eye-catching for your children’s room or nursery? These colorful and unique rugs from Nestig, a company based in NYC, are made with a focus on safety and sustainability. 

Cribs, sheets, and mobiles are also available through this family-run company. Shells, clouds, rainbows, and sunshine shapes are all found here!

Let me know if you’re able to use any of these rugs in your own home or designs – I’d love to know! And be sure to share other odd-shaped rug options if you run across any you love that I may not have seen.

I’d love to know about others as I’m sourcing for projects!

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