What Defines Luxury?

What is Luxury?

What comes to mind when you hear the word luxury in association with interior design?

  • Custom Designed Furniture?
  • Unique Materials?
  • Chef-Grade Kitchen Appliances?
  • Hand-Made Tile?

Luxury can mean many different things to different people and for some it’s all about the look.  For others it’s about the craftsmanship and materials used throughout the process. I’d like to take some time and go a little deeper into what luxury is from the viewpoint of an interior designer.


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Craftsmanship is defined by “the quality of design and work shown by something that has been made by hand; artistry.

In today’s world of consumerism, inexpensive finishings, and the throw-away mindset, well-designed and skilled craftsmanship can be hard to find and sometimes hard to convince clients of the importance of it. True craftsmanship, though, is key to the details needed when it comes to luxurious finishes. It’s not just about the look … the design, longevity, and fine materials must come together. I’m always inspecting how things are assembled…you can tell a lot by just looking at details like seams, edges of furniture; the details.  I love to highlight some of my favorite suppliers – follow me on Facebook or Instagram to get those updates!

Attention to Detail

You’ve probably seen the Charles Eames quote, “The details are not in the details. They make the design.” I couldn’t agree more. The process of creating a design that works for my clients start well before the actual work begins. The little details do make all the difference.  Think of a throw pillow in a solid fabric.  Pretty mundane, right?  Well, details of trim or stitching can make that simple pillow unique and add beauty and texture to the space (note pillows in picture).  

Details enhance the space with layers of textures, colors and make it fully customized.  All the details come together to create a unity in the design that further defines luxury. 


Kitchen remodel in boulder colorado

When defining luxury, let’s not forget that we are NOT using that word just to portray status. Quality in all aspects of design are of the utmost importance. The quality of the design itself in regards to functionality and form, quality of the work being done by companies and/or contractors, and quality of the materials being used from the things you can’t see to the finishing that make your home beautiful.

High quality materials may cost more initially but the return on investment and longevity should be taken into account. Environment sustainability also comes into play when discussing quality of products. The simple fact is that higher quality products typically last much longer which means that there is far less waste in our landfills.

I hope I’ve given you a few things to think about when it comes to your home and the design process. Luxury is in the details and choices you make from beginning to end.  I am passionate about getting into the little nuances of everything.  From the trim on a pillow to the color of knobs for your kitchen to where you’re stand mixer will go in your new kitchen.  Being a detailed person makes for a successful design.  

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