5 Ways to Select High-Quality Furnishings that Will Last

You know quality. You feel it as you turn on an elegant faucet that feels solid in your hand. It’s present when you sit on a well-constructed sofa that allows just the right amount of give. You sense it when you walk across a wood floor that doesn’t sound hollow beneath your feet. We all value quality and understand that investing a little extra ensures longevity, sometimes lasting for generations. 

We are passionate about quality because it aligns with our sustainability mission. A high-quality item is far more likely to stay out of a landfill compared to the hot new trend from Ikea. When you work with Paradigm, we bring our expertise and experience, removing the guesswork for the items you are going to purchase. Here are 5 key areas to consider when selecting high-quality products.

1. Select Quality Materials & Construction

Quality is of utmost importance. We exclusively collaborate with vendors whose products are built to endure and stand behind them should something go awry.  Whether you’re shopping for plumbing fixtures or furniture, understanding how it is constructed and what to look for is essential.


2. Select Timeless Furnishings

Classic is best, especially for the main pieces in your room. Even the most traditional piece that was your grandmother’s can be transformed into something modern and funky—provided that its quality allows for reupholstering and refinishing. With a creative eye, you can repurpose most designs.


3. Know Your Materials  

Understanding finishes, especially in plumbing, could make or break your design. For example, if you’re unaware that a faucet is a Living Finish, you’ll be disappointed when it shows signs of aging and rub marks from regular use. 

Similarly, in cabinetry, you may assume that solid wood is top of the line for doors. However, solid wood doors are less common due to a lack of structural integrity (though they exist, they’re rare). Solid wood is prone to warping and movement, so most manufacturers opt for a substrate with wood veneer over it. Ultimately, it all comes down to education and knowing what to look for.


4. Make Sure the Product is Easy to Maintain

Easy maintenance is a major concern for the families that I work with. They want fabrics and carpets that are easy to clean and countertops that can withstand heavy use yet are easy to maintain. Throughout our design process, we review options and identify what’s essential in the client’s daily life. Our job is to understand the client’s needs and then educate them on the options that best meet their needs. For example, we can treat any fabric to allow for easier cleaning. 


5. Look for Warranties 

While not all products come with a warranty, it is vital to ask about what is covered.  Most will be against the manufacturer’s defect, not normal wear and tear. We pass along all warranty info to our clients at the end of a project in an organized, digital format whenever possible so you can access records easily.

If you’re ready for a professional to shop alongside you to guarantee your furnishings will last, we’d be delighted to help! Reach out today!



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