7 Gifts for Mom

Mom’s are amazing. They have so much on their plate from juggling kids schedules, meal planning, traveling for work, taking care of all things home related…the list goes on. Motherhood is hard! When we become a Mom, we are born into a new role. We often feel torn between being a professional and spending time with the kids. With Mother’s Day approaching, I thought I’d put together a list of things that most Mom’s would appreciate. Some are simple and very cost effective…like letting them sleep in!

1. Sleep!

Any new Mother will tell you that sleep is key to being present and able to adjust to the daily, ever changing grind. So give you’re Mom a weekend of sleep. Let them sleep in or better yet, send them away for a night or two at the St Julian here in Boulder.

2. Pamper Her

Continue to celebrate your Mom with a day at the spa. You can add this to the St Julian stay if you’d like or treat her for a specific service. Some of my local favorite places are Alchemy Face Bar. They do an amazing job and have one of my favorite skin care lines, Eminence from Hungary, that is all organic. They can even teach you how to do your make-up! Because if you’re like me and barely wear makeup anymore, a refresher is much needed! A nail service is also great because we wash our hands 10,000 times a day. J Lounge is a great spot for nails, toes and facials.

3. Getaway

If you’re Mom needs some R&R, a yoga retreat at Shoshoni or perhaps a weekend at Devils Thumb Ranch may be the perfect thing to reground her.

4. Jewelry

Would your Mom would rather have a nice gift? What about some custom jewelry? I love Margaret Solow’s work. It’s delicate and beautiful and can be layered to create a special look. Check our her Instagram for lots of beautiful things.

5. Fashionista Refresh

Some other gift ideas are a wardrobe update (goodbye nursing clothes) or consultation with a fashion forward clothing store. Local stores often know of professionals that offer this service or you could head to Nordstrom.

6. A Mom Break

Perhaps having a chef come in and cook a weeks worth of meals to allow some extra down time? Check out the Boulder Kitchen Collective or Caitlin Boyers. A clean house? Mom’s also love that! Put the kids to work and hide a little note somewhere saying the cleaning fairy came.

7. Art

Art is also a fun thing to give Mom’s. Create a custom mug or frame one of the kids pieces. My middle child gave me a mug a few years ago and it’s also one of my favorite things. I think of him every time I use it. Or perhaps she’d like an hour with yours truly to figure out a problem space or create the perfect reading nook. Just email me to get a certificate.

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