Best Air-Purifying Indoor Plants

We all want our homes to be as healthy as possible and we’ve already discussed a number of good choices to make when building or renovating. An important step to take is actually purifying the air in the home. Bringing the outdoors in is an important factor in creating a healthier home – open the windows and doors, let the fresh air flow through your home, and use air-purifying plants in your design and decor.

Not only are plants a great air purifier, but they are also known to increase productivity and reduce stress. Knowing this, that’s all the more reason to Go Green with houseplants! I’ve chosen a few of my favorites to recommend … they provide not only the benefit of air purification, but these particular plants are also easy to care for, so no worries if you don’t have a green thumb.

1. Spider Plants

Quick growing, great in hanging baskets, and easy to care for with watering two to three times per week, a spider plant is a good choice for beginners and you will occasionally even get pretty white blooms!

2. Rubber Plants

Need to add some height to your space? Easy to grow and with deep green, rubbery leaves, this plant can grow up to eight feet tall. The rubber plant enjoys a good soaking, but make sure the soil drains well as it does not like constantly damp roots.

3. English Ivy

This is a favorite since it will climb and spread (pretty on a shelf with the foliage hanging down) … it does need lots of light and doesn’t like the heat, but it’s easy to grow and a pretty and elegant feature in the home.

4. Aloe Vera

Choose a sunny windowsill to grow this medicinal plant. This attractive addition to your home needs fast-draining soil. Pay attention to the leaves on the Aloe Vera plant to monitor your home’s air quality. Brown spots will develop when excessive chemicals are present.

5. Boston Ferns

Low light and high humidity are needed to make this plant happy, so your bathroom is the perfect place for the Boston Fern. This fern can absorb formaldehyde better than any of the other plants noted.

6. Dracaena

Add some drama to your home with this plant. It’s fairly hardy and another good choice when you need a larger plant. Choose a red-edged Dracaena for extra color. These large plants can reach ten feet tall with a three-foot spread, so give it plenty of space!

With the increased energy efficiency of today’s homes comes less airflow. Less airflow means more toxins are left to hang out in the air our families breathe. Choosing indoor plants, opening the doors and windows, changing air filters regularly, and even using air purifiers can help filter out those toxins plus the germs, dust, and mold. I love to incorporate houseplants into home design and decor. They add color and depth to a room and developing a green thumb can become a fun hobby and gives a sense of accomplishment. What are your favorite houseplants you enjoy growing in your own home?

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