Create Instant Coziness this Winter

The days are shorter, the winter weather has already arrived, and the holidays are here … so let’s talk about how to make your home cozier for yourself, your family, and holiday visitors. These ideas can be implemented easily without new furniture, rearranging your house, or having to spend your Christmas funds!

1. Books

Books are a great way to add a cozy element to your home decor. You probably already have some to use and, if not, it’s a great time of year to find them on sale or drop by the book store to find used books. There are so many fun ways to add books to your decor … create a pedestal by stacking, style your entryway with some of your favorites, display a beautiful book on a tray, or find a great basket to show off your favorites holiday titles.

2. Use Floor Pillows as Extra Seating

Give your home a more laid-back vibe and create more seating for a casual evening with friends with floor pillows. Bringing another textile element into your home gives you the option of introducing cozy fabrics like flannel, chenille, and velvet. This is also a great way to add some color to your home in the process!

3. Create Warmth Through Lighting

Are you using the right lighting to create the coziness your home needs during these winter months? Swap out soft or warm bulbs for cold bulbs and it will make s huge difference! Warm lighting is your friend when creating a cozy space to come home to.

4. Candles

I love to light my favorite candles as soon as I walk in the door no matter what time of year it is … it gives a home such an inviting atmosphere. The soft glow of a candle or a grouping of various sized candles gives your home a warm radiance and can be used throughout.

5. Add Plants

Adding plants to your decor is a fantastic way to add warmth and depth to your home. There are so many options plus you have the added benefit of getting to use pretty containers and baskets. Choose terra cotta or brass tones for adding warmth along with seagrass and other natural baskets. If you need ideas on the best plants for indoors, visit this site for more information.

6. Rugs

I love incorporating beautiful rugs into my projects for several reasons. Rugs are like artwork for your floor and can be moved seasonally or changed out to create a whole new look. They can help create a specific space within a larger room, and of course they soften and add an element of warmth to any home. Rugs can be added to hardwood flooring or over carpet. Since they also help insulate a room, they actually do help make your home warm and cozy!

7. Use Your Favorite Scent


No one can deny that walking into a home during the holidays that smells like Christmas give you instant comfort. Candles or a simmering pot of water, oranges, cinnamon sticks, and whole cloves can easily create that amazing scent during the holiday season, but don’t forget to use your favorite scent the rest of the winter as well. Use wax melts, incense, candles, or fresh flowers to make your house smell amazing.

I hope this inspires you to try these simple little tips and tricks to make your interior more warm and inviting for the chilly season. Light a fire in the fireplace, snuggle up with a comfy blanket, and enjoy this festive season with your loved ones!

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