Current Project: Continuing the Renovation

I recently completed this light and bright kitchen renovation for my clients who disliked their small and unfunctional kitchen. Their goals were to be able to cook as a family (limited counter space) and have a comfortable spot to dine within the kitchen. Additional counter space and a dining area were created with a large multi-use island and by using every square inch of the kitchen, we were also able to create much needed storage space.

Taking this light and fresh look into the living room is one of my current projects!

This project consists of renovating a 230 sq ft living room space by bringing more natural light into the room, opening up the space with lighter colors, and adding interest with dramatic elements.

The before space lacks light and has a dated feel. In order to bring that gorgeous updated look of the kitchen into this portion of the house, changes include:

*Adding Windows
*Moving the Fireplace
*Lighter Color Scheme
*Modern Furniture Pieces
*New Lighting
*Continuing Wood Floors

By adding 2 windows on the south facing wall, the natural light in this space will be amazing. Moving the fireplace from the corner to the center of the wall and adding built-in bookcases below the windows on each side will add attractive storage and give the room more depth and symmetry.


Updating the window treatments and adding well-appointed furniture as well as extending the wood floor will complement the kitchen and bring the whole space together beautifully. A custom sofa in varying pattern scales of beiges and light blues along with a dramatic chandelier will give my clients the contemporary look they are excited to see extended into this space in their home. I’m eager to see the final product and I can’t wait to share photos in early 2020!

Stay tuned to see how this project comes together and to see my other projects.

2020 is going to be a great year … I’m working with fantastic clients and will be revealing the new look of Paradigm as well as online project management for clients. It’s all very exciting and I look forward to sharing it with you.


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