Dining Room Measurements For Your Home

When it’s time to remodel or purchase new furniture or accessories for your dining room, figuring out how large of a rug is appropriate, fixture sizing, and how to place furniture can be overwhelming. I get questions about dining room measurements all of the time, so I thought I would put together some graphics that will help you as you work through your choices. 

Dining Room Seating

Making sure your family and guests are comfortable when you sit down at the table together to enjoy a meal or just spend some time together is the most importable thing to take into consideration when planning your new table and chairs. 

No matter how pretty your finishes are if you’re guests aren’t comfortable, then no one is going to want to spend time in this room. Use the measurements in this graphics regarding table and chair spacing.

Dining Room Lighting

The size of your chandelier is dependent upon the size of your dining room table. Whether you’re going with a traditional look or something bold and edgy, make sure your sizing is correct so the fixure doesn’t overpower the room by being too large or completely disappear because it’s too small for the space. 

Take a look at these measurements before you make your chandelier choice and to decide where the light should hang above the table. 

Dining Room Rug

Finally, how to choose the rug size may be one of the things I get the most questions about when it comes to dining room. This is a pretty simple calculation depending upon the size of the table with chairs and the size of the whole room.

Using these measurements, deciding on the perfect size is easy!

I hope this is helpful for you! Feel free to save for future use and pass along to someone else who’s struggling with making choices in their own dining room!

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