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We’re all spending more time in our homes these days … working from home, cooking more meals, keeping the kids occupied and getting their school work done, working in our yards, and more. So, how’s your home working for you in these new situations we’re all going through?

Do you have a workspace that allows you to focus and be productive?

Do you have a dedicated space for your kids to get their schoolwork done?

Is your kitchen workspace working for your family? What isn’t working?

Do you need to re-think your drop-zones or storage spaces with new expectations regarding kids at home, schoolwork, and hobbies?

Do you need to make a space multi-functional? Kids workspace in the morning, craft space in the afternoon?

Yes, things have changed quickly in our world and most of us are now under stay at home orders, but I’m grateful that I am still able to work with clients remotely and help them plan for upcoming projects and improve current design issues in their homes. I have been using Facetime and Zoom calls with clients, creating floor plans, and sharing lots of photos to get the majority of my work done these days.

In addition, as we all transition to our new normal, I’m working on several projects that will give my clients even more options as we work together remotely:

1. E-Design. Let’s start planning your new space remotely. It’s easier than it sounds and I have guides to walk you through the process every step of the way. We start with a questionnaire and a free 15 minute call to learn more about your project.

2. Designer-on-Call to quickly fix and advise on a single space such as how to organize your office space. Or just pick my brain!

($495 for a 1-1/2 hour call OR $595 for 1-1/2 hour onsite visit.  Zoom call to advise on a single space such as how to organize your office space.)

3. Custom Mood Boards. Send us some pictures of your space, Pinterest boards, and budget and we’ll create a custom mood board for you to shop around with.

(,$595 includes ½ hour call with designer, review of client Pinterest, boards, create a ,mood board with a ,list of resources to purchase from, email client back, follow-up email answering questions)

4. Online DIY Tips/Classes and Videos (make sure you’re following me on Instagram and Facebook!)

5. Pre-Made Mood Boards to help you define your style. Free and available on Pinterest.

(coming soon)

6. Gift cards. A perfect gift for someone’s birthday or closing gift for a client you know wants to remodel.

I’m looking forward to these new ways to stay in touch with you all!

Please feel free to email me anytime with your questions or design needs. I’d love to be able to assist you in helping your home become a perfect place to do all things necessary during this time.

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