Exploring Our Design Firm’s Top 4 FAQs

The interior design industry constantly changes, with many variables, including shifting trends and varying preferences. Today, we aim to answer some of our most frequently asked questions, offering insights and expertise as you begin the design process…

FAQ #1: How do I know if I need an interior designer?

Are you having a challenging time envisioning your new space? Are you overwhelmed by all the choices, or need help figuring out how to make everything you pinned on Pinterest work together? These are all great examples of why you should hire a designer. We get to know you and your lifestyle to guide you in selecting the right materials and finishes and to help make spaces more efficient and organized (which, by the way, makes you more productive and your space more enjoyable).


FAQ #2: What does a typical investment look like?

Your investment depends mainly on the scope of your project. First, we define your scope, so then we can give you a flat fee for our services and the execution of the project as part of our process.  We have years of data to help us (fairly) quickly give you an estimate. If you’d like more info on how to plan for a remodel, download our free Remodeling Guide here for a document that will help you put processes in place to plan your remodel. 

Living area remodel by Coors Field in Denver Colorado
Living Room

FAQ #3: Will you work with my builder or general contractor?

Yes, always. We love collaborating with architects and contractors and know it’s the only way to make a project successful. If you need a GC, we also have a handful of recommendations. We are great at helping you interview and evaluate whether a GC might be a good fit. That means checking references, ensuring they have experience with our type of project, and ensuring we all jive together.

FAQ #4: What is your signature style?

I love the casual, eclectic design that leans more modern. Whether during our travels or at a flea market in NYC, I deeply appreciate discovering “found” objects. I also LOVE details. Little things make a significant impact, from a beautiful joint on a casegood to texture on a tile. 

I don’t believe in pushing a style on my clients; instead, I want to define their current style to reflect their lifestyle and personality. When you look at my projects, they may resonate with you, or they may be different from what you are looking for because I designed those spaces for my specific clients. Your project will reflect your personal style.

If you have additional questions we didn’t answer in this post, reach out to us. We would love to chat and answer those questions!



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