Have You Been Neglecting Your Fifth Wall (Your Ceiling)??

The floors and accent walls of your home get all the attention when it comes to the design elements of new construction or a home renovation, but what about that blank canvas right above you? If you want to make a statement in a room or space, the ceiling of your home is a great place to do just that. Whether it’s beams, wood planking, a bold paint color, or even wallpaper there are many ways to bring some drama and interest into your home.


Source - Ashton Woods
Source - Paul Moon Designs

Whether it be rustic beams or detailed coffered ceiling, woodwork is probably the most common way to incorporate that 5th wall design in homes. Bold patterns may be the goal or  it may just be the feeling of warmth that  natural wood brings to a space family and friends gather. Elegance may be gained with intricate designs and rich wood tones or bring in a modern vibe by painting the woodwork a clean white, but whatever the goal, woodwork incorporated into ceiling treatments brings personality and interest to the overall design. 

Wood Plank Ceiling

Source - Black Band Design
Source - Emily Starr Alfano

Incorporating a wood plank ceiling is a lovely way to bring warmth into your home. Contemporary designs can often come across as cold or formal, so even a light shade of wood can bring in personality that may be lacking. On the other hand, rich and deep tones of wood planking  can add the texture and deep warmth equated with a rustic, vintage, or traditional design. Looking for a beachy or coastal feel? A lighter weathered or whitewashed wood is the perfect solution and design element for your home. Dark wood ceilings can make a room feel dark or closed in, so make sure to find ways to bring in light with lighter wall paint colors, large windows, or even plants in the home. 

Metal Ceiling Tiles

Source - Taylor Design Studio
Source - Unknown

You’ve probably seen metal ceiling tiles in historic buildings or homes, but have you considered using them in your new construction home or remodel? There are so many options when it comes to the finish and pattern of reproduction metal tiles … matte, glossy, painted, a variety of natural metals, etc. While the overall look is probably more often considered traditional, metal tilework can definitely be used in modern and non-traditional style homes as well. From art eco to modern squares to delicate florals, the sheer volume of patterns available in metal or faux metal tiles gives you numerous ways to add character to your home.

Non-traditional Paint Color

Source - Charlotte Mackay Interiors
Source - thehousethatbrumbuilt
Source - homeonthegrove
Source - ADG Design

Adding some personality to your home may be as simple as painting the ceiling of your space a bold or complementary color. 99% of ceilings are painted a safe white or neutral shade, so mix it up and go against the grain! It’s certainly a more budget friendly option than those above and it can be changed relatively easily. A secondary reason to paint your ceiling is that a lighter ceiling color can make your room feel larger while a darker tone can bring in a cozy feeling you’re looking for. Or paint your ceiling and wall the same paint color to create the illusion that the walls and ceiling are continuous, giving the room a more open and spacious feeling.


Source - Carrie Delany Interiors
Source - Rockett St. George

I’ve saved my favorite 5th wall design option for last … and that’s wallpaper. There’s no better way to add unexpected drama, personality, or texture to a room! Modern wallpaper options are also easier to install, remove, and they are much greener than in the past. That being said, I would definitely suggest hiring a professional in this case. While installation is easier than it used to be, wallpapering a ceiling is a whole different story. We talked about beautiful and sustainable wallpaper choices in a recent blog, so make sure and check out that information before making your final decision. 

Cool wallpaper ideas include papering your recessed ceiling, choosing a bold wallpaper for your entry area, or choosing a whimsical print for a child’s bedroom or play area. Making a major statement is easy when it comes to wallpaper patterns. Small and dainty prints or big and bold … your personality is sure to shine through!

Do you have a 5th wall idea that I haven’t covered here in your home? I’d love to see what you’ve done in your home!!

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