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Interior Design in Colorado

Paradigm Interior Design

Where luxury and comfort coexist.

Elevate your style with Paradigm Interior Design, an award-winning Colorado interior design firm. We offer full service interior design, specializing in whole house remodeling, new builds, and kitchen and bathroom remodels, guiding you through the possibilities with an equal mix of creativity and clarity.

Together, we’ll personalize your space, creating a one-of-a-kind design that feels more like home than ever before.

Colorado Interior Design Services

Full Service Interior Design

New Builds & Renovations
Customize your entire home with a sense of livable luxury that is reflective of you. You’ll love every element from the kitchen backsplash to the eco-friendly, textured wallpaper. And of course, you’ll avoid the stress of overwhelming design decisions as we guide you through the entire process, working alongside the architect and contractor too.View Details

Single Room Makeovers

Kitchen & Bathroom Remodels Reinvent the look and feel of that one lingering outdated space in your home with a complete remodel, ideal for bathrooms and kitchens. We’re hands on and turn these overwhelming projects into simple, hassle-free renovations.

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Additional Services

Consultations Do you need someone to quickly answer some questions for your home? We offer online interior design services, hourly consultations and custom furniture design when available.<

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Get to know Paradigm Interior Design, Interior Design Colorado

I’m Dawn, the lead designer and owner of Paradigm Interior Design. For more than 16 years, I have customized homes with personalized layouts, modern touches and stylish aesthetics that inspire comfort. I merge knowledge from my degree and years of experience (including a year amid the dust of woodworking) to create designs my clients adore. I would love to learn more about you and the way of living that a redesigned space can inspire.

Dawn Chau owner of Paradigm Interior Design

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