How Do You Define Luxury?

We all want to live a life of luxury, but what does that really mean? Have you ever truly thought about the term?

By definition luxury is: a state or quality of great comfort, opulence, elegance, refinement, or extravagance. It is often associated with the possession or enjoyment of costly or rare goods, services, or experiences that are often from a specific origin and beyond the reach of most people. It typically refers to products or experiences that go above and beyond what is considered necessary or essential. At its core, luxury is about living a life of comfort and ease.

Design by Dépôt Albert feauring Arte Wallcovering
Design by Dépôt Albert feauring Arte Wallcovering

Luxury is also about exclusivity and having the means to be pampered with the finer things in life without worrying about financial constraints. For some, luxury may mean indulging in a decadent meal at a Michelin-starred restaurant, having a relaxing spa day, or owning a high-end sports car. In contrast, for others, it may mean traveling to exotic destinations or living in a well appointed home. 

This array of definitions makes us wonder, “What exactly does it mean to live a luxurious life?”

fabric from nobilis 2
Fabric from Nobilis

At Paradigm Interior Design, luxury is much more than just material possessions. It is about the experiences and lifestyle that come with it. We find luxury in the little things like the texture of wallpaper, the quality of fabric, or the craftsmanship of a loveseat.

We characterize it by surrounding ourselves with exceptional materials and sustainable products. Designing a luxurious interior is about combining beautiful decor with a high level of artisanship, attention to detail, and customization to come together and create a unique environment tailored to your individual style and the way we live.

“Our luxury formula is not about extravagance and excess. It is about quality, craftsmanship, and sustainability.”

We combine luxury brands focused on creating products that are not only aesthetically pleasing but also functional, viable, and environmentally conscious. We create luxurious home designs not to symbolize status but to ensure our client’s home is customized to their exceptionally distinctive styles and tastes while featuring refined products meant to last. Our interior designs incorporate products that are rare and are certainly not found by retailers focussed on the masses.

Finally, luxury is about the art of living.

It is about indulging in the things that bring joy and happiness. Living a luxurious lifestyle is not just about the possessions, but all the memories that come with it. Luxury is a term that is interpreted in many ways. 

Ultimately, it is subjective and can vary from person to person depending on their personal preferences, tastes, and values. At its core, luxury is about living a life of comfort, ease, and indulgence. It is about quality, craftsmanship, and exclusivity. But more than anything, it is about enjoying life to the fullest and savoring every moment by creating a space that brings you pleasure while being surrounded by it.

ochre lighting
Lighting by Ochre

Dawn Chau is a Colorado-based award-winning Interior Designer who transforms houses into homes with her love for space planning, construction, and creating luxury interiors that reflect her clients’ personalities. Book a consult with Dawn here

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