Modern, functional interior design services

Full-Service Whole-House Interior Design

New Builds & Renovations

Step into liveable luxury that feels like you. Full-service whole-house interior design helps you avoid the stress of overwhelming design decisions. Instead, we’ll guide you through every stage as you build or renovate your home. Every element will be customized so that you love the colors, the texture and the newfound feeling of your custom home. We are committed to advocating for your vision, ensuring that the final construction comes together with both function and style.

What’s included:

Custom budget
1-2 design concepts
Detailed space plans with elevations
Contractor management
Material sourcing

Full Kitchen & Bath Remodels

Kitchen & Bathroom Remodeling
starts at $10,000

Transform that outdated kitchen or bathroom into a high-end, stylish space. We’ll walk you through the design selections, and then we’ll manage the rest. Sit back as we take care of everything, including the contractor selection, construction phase and, of course, the final installation and staging.

Dark guest bathroom with free standing tub

What’s included:

Custom budget
1-2 design concepts
Detailed space plan with elevations
Contractor management
Material sourcing
Deliveries and installations

Steps to schedule our interior design services

1. Explore the options​

Schedule your introductory call to discuss the details for your home project. If you’re interested in moving forward at that point, we’ll schedule a paid consultation to prepare a custom contract with your upfront quote.

2. Conceptual design

We’ll create, review and finalize floor plans and furniture. You’ll get to touch and feel the materials and start seeing real progress on your design project.

3. Contractor interviews

We’ll interview contractors, gather bids and triple check the overall budget to make sure we are on track.

4. Procurement and Construction Observation

We’ll order all materials and furniture, begin construction and oversee the entire process for your interior design project.

5. Final Reveal

The most exciting part!  Furniture will be delivered, the home will be staged and you’ll walk into your own personalized oasis.  You’ll  experience a bit of luxury and a lot of relaxation. Welcome home.

Looking for something else?

Interior design consultations

$795 for 1.5 hours within 30 minutes of Boulder, Colorado

Take your ideas to the next level with a one-on-one interior design consultation. This 1.5 hour house call is your opportunity to solidify your vision and ensure that your final result will be refined with a tastefully bold aesthetic.

Items to discuss during your consultation:
  • Narrow down paint colors for 1-3 rooms.
  • Discuss furniture and/or art layouts.
  • Conceptualize a new bathroom or kitchen.
  • Do a full house walk-through creating a detailed “to-do list” of changes you can make for a more functional design.
  • Refresh a room, revamping it with what you already have.
  • Walk a property together to see if it has potential as your dream home.
Assistance with Selecting Materials

Speed up the construction process with fresh, cost-effective guidance in selecting materials. We’ll walk you through the showroom and educate you on the finest products, enabling you to make decisions with confidence. Find the right lighting, tile and flooring, along with the paint swatches, furniture and decor. We’re also happy to do the shopping for you if you’d rather skip the errands and save on time.

How It Works:

  1. We’ll review your floor plans, style, budget and the list of items you need.
  2. Next, we’ll meet at a few of our preferred showrooms. We’ll guide you through the decisions and take notes.
  3. Once finalized, your contractor will receive a spreadsheet with the selections, preventing delays in your construction schedule.
Remote interior design services
Access an interior designer for your DIY project. Review layouts, discuss colors, identify materials and more. Our step-by-step guides make the entire process seamless as you transform your space. Make an impression without the custom cost.

How It Works:

  1. Schedule your free consultation so we can connect and discuss your vision.
  2. Send the following: pictures of your space, sketch of floor plan with measurements, Pinterest boards with inspiration and your preferred budget.
  3. Receive a custom floor plan and mood board with a list of resources to purchase from.
  4. Ask questions, request feedback and keep us in touch as you DIY your space with designer guidance.
Custom Furniture Design

If we’re unable to source a piece of artisan furniture for your space, we’ll create a one-of-a-kind element for your home. Custom built-ins are available too.

How It Works:

  1. We’ll kick off with a brainstorming session talking through specs, styles, materials, functionality and finishes.
  2. You’ll receive conceptual sketches to review.
  3. We’ll manage the rest — receiving price estimates from talented trades and overseeing the creation process.

Client Reactions

Reinvent your space with luxurious sophistication that reflects you.

New builds. Whole-House Remodels. And More.