It’s Hygge Time!

I can think of no better time than winter to get some Hygge on. We all want to snuggle in and be warm and cozy. Haven’t heard of Hygge? Where have you been? Hygge is a Danish and Norwegian word for coziness. It can mean something as simple as lighting candles (they’re a huge part of Hygge) or cuddling up with a loved one watching some TV (with of course lots of warm, fuzzy blankets). Then there’s the emotional side of it. The sense that you feel grateful, an absence of frustrations and a sense of calm all of which come from being present. Perhaps the key to this hygge movement is just that…we all desire more time to be present with those we love.

When you Google “hygge interiors” nothing really special stands out. Typically there is a candle or dim lighting followed by lots of layers (think blankets and pillows). Generally the colors are more muted.

There are a million books now about how to hygge…but quite simply, just slow down, cook a meal for your friends and family and light a million candles or a fireplace. As a designer, here are some items that will help make your winter more “hygge” instantly.

Use candles or light your fireplace to add that instant, warm glow to your room.



Add a sheepskin to your floor or back of a chair:


Have blankets available in baskets or folded on a piece of furniture:






















Create a beautiful table for dinner guests:

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