Contemporary Oasis

Location: Boulder, CO

Design story: Breathing new life into outdated homes is our specialty, and this project exemplifies our commitment to modernizing spaces with style and sophistication. Our team took on the challenge of revitalizing a structurally sound home in Boulder, Colorado. The primary focus of our redesign was the master suite, which had suffered from a lack of flow and functionality. By skillfully opening up walls and embracing an innovative approach, we created a spacious, awe-inspiring shower area with niche lighting. We also incorporated a luxurious soaking tub, ensuring the perfect balance between relaxation and modern elegance. In addition, we recognized the importance of an inviting and adaptable kids’ bathroom, suitable for growing adolescents and visiting guests. By applying a contemporary touch, we breathed fresh life into the space. Even without a window, the room radiates a bright and welcoming atmosphere, exceeding expectations.