4 Tips to Refresh & Organize Home & Life After the Holidays

While I was taking down our holiday decorations this year, I reflected on how quickly another season has come and gone.  And every year, I’m amazed at just how quickly time flies!  In the process of taking down the tree and putting away all things holiday, it signals a fresh start for the New Year.  I’m going to share some tips on how to prepare and organize your home and yourself for a New Year.

Tip #1: Deep Clean the Details of Your Home

“This isn’t Spring!” you say, but hear me out.  I prefer to do my “Spring Cleaning” during the cold winter days (when we actually have them). That way, I can be outside when Springtime fever hits, because it usually hits me hard. 

I like to hire professionals to come out and clean the windows, and have our cleaners spend a little extra time wiping down baseboards and grubby trim from little hands. I send rugs out to be cleaned now that the parties are over, and check grout and tile condition in all areas.

Last but not least, clean out the cabinets.  I take everything out, wipe down the interiors, purge what we don’t need any longer, and then put it back.  This takes time, so don’t try to do it all in a day, but rather, plan a week.


Tip #2: Reflect on Your Décor When Redecorating

When you bring out the everyday decor items that were stored for the holidays, consider each item before placing it back where you always had it.  Do you have family photos that need updating? Are there items that no longer bring you happiness that you can donate? Also, think about rearranging furniture and items that are staged on shelves.  This can quickly refresh the space to feel new again.


Tip #3: Create Order with Effective Organizational Systems

Busy professionals and families with kids need systems in place to reign in all the stuff.  Create some simple systems that you can be consistent with each day.  At our home, we have baskets for each of the kids. The baskets sit on the stairs during the day and we fill them with things left lying around that need to be returned to their rooms at the end of the day.  And if you’re looking for more tips on what to do with all the stuff kids accumulate, check out more tips here.

Prepacked bags for kids’ activities make it easy to grab and go. For example, my kids’ swim bag is already packed with towels, goggles and anything else they will need for practice. Designating a landing spot for all mail and sort it when you bring it into the house will help stay organized, as well.

If creating these plans seems too overwhelming, consider hiring a professional organizer to help you get some systems in place.


Tip #4: Make Time to Establish Routines and Habits

Don’t forget to schedule time to make these systems work so they feel routine.  We all know it can take 66 days to create a new habit.  Once those new habits are in place, it truly gives you time to enjoy the important day-to-day moments.

With less clutter in your décor, you will find yourself enjoying your favorite design elements more. With less time spent tracking down lost items or scrambling to prepare at the last minute, you will have more time in your day for the things that bring you joy.


Looking for a team that can combine strategy, good design, and your daily routines to create harmony in your home? Reach out and let’s get acquainted!


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