Paradigm Covid-19 Update


I hope this finds you staying well and using the time to connect with loved ones. We’re in uncharted territory these days but wanted you to know it’s pretty much business as usual over here with a few modifications. Here’s how we are addressing projects and supply lines:

  1. Current projects:All projects are continuing as normal. Most of my work is behind the computer drafting, creating orders and tracking them. If a meeting is required, I am ready to Facetime or do a Zoom call when needed.
  2. Product:Right now, the manufacturers that I’m working with are still working. They tend to have good distance around them and can continue to upholster a sofa for example. I will continue to be in touch with my vendors to see if anything is slowing down and will notify clients if needed.
  3. Stock:Any projects where orders have not been placed, we can easily check stock and reserve those items so they are yours. The sooner you act, the less likely there will be delays or stock shortages. Further, I try to work with mostly US-made products and local vendors so I don’t have to worry about imports not making it.
  4. Speaking of locals, let’s support them!I know wonderful woodworkers, contractors and other trades that could really use the work so if you need custom built-ins or furniture, please reach out.
  5. Social Distancing:I try to make sure the trades are not overlapping and that there are not numerous people on-site at one time. One or two guys doing tile while you’re working in another room is good social distancing and keeps the project moving.

What are you doing to stay busy?

Are you staring at your walls while your kids bounce off them?

Are you realizing that there’s more you’d like to do to your space to make it more organized, cozy, adult-like (I have good tricks for hiding toys)?

Do you need desks for your kids?

I hear you! I’m realizing how many things I still need to do to complete my own home. My daughter doesn’t have one thing on her walls and we’ve been here for almost 2 years!! My spring break went from beach to home improvement projects of my own. I’m more than happy to brainstorm and we can do it from the comfort of your home, via phone or Zoom. Design projects take time so why not start now?

Food For Thought

What if we put as much positive energy into the universe as we do with all the negative energy/news? I love seeing people ban together and help each other!

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