Pool Time!

It’s HOT, the kids are out of school, the days are long…it’s summer. There is nothing better than a dip in a beautiful pool to make some wonderful summer memories. So grab a glass of rose and take a look at some of my favorite pool designs I’ve found on the web. And because it’s summer, most of these are a destination (but if you can’t get away, take a look at the links at the bottom for local summer fun).

This pool is in Santorini and wow, it makes me want to go back again. The crisp blues and whites are stunning. This blog from Veesko put together an amazing list of beautiful pools so I’ll let you dive in. This one was my favorite though. Perched on the cliffs of Santorini, Infinity Suites and Dana Villas has many pool options like this one.

If you’re looking for a more exotic pool, perhaps this one on India’s Lake Pichola. The architecture of The Oberoi Udaivilas alone is enough to draw one but the colors and textures also make this lovely.

Hotel The Cambrian, Adelboden, Switzerland

This looks like it could be in the Colorado mountains but it’s in the Alps at the Hotel The Cambrian in Adelboden. Can’t beat a beautiful mountain view!

Heights don’t bother you? Urban dweller? How about this pool in Singapore at the Marina Sands Hotel? It’s 57 stories above the ground and balances between three towers. Beautiful but can’t help to think of how this was built.

Marina Sands Hotel in Singapore

Can’t escape to another country for a quick dip? Here are Boulder’s and Denver’s top pools along with a list of other great options in the area. And there’s no shame to throwing one of these in the backyard because when it’s hot, you gotta do what you gotta do.

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