Shining the Spotlight on 3 of the Sensational Nonprofits Serving Our Community

Giving back to our community is important for so many reasons. When we are part of a community, lifting each other up feels great, and we become part of something larger. In this blog post, I’ll be sharing 3 of our favorite organizations we support year-round, along with ways you can get involved if you wish. February is a month of love, so let’s embrace the opportunity to spread that love within our community.

1. A Precious Child

You’ve heard me talk about A Precious Child before. This organization holds a special place in my heart because its core initiatives focus on nurturing the whole child. From addressing basic human needs to helping children and their families access community resources, opportunities, services, and educational support, they encompass many support services and continually expand their outreach efforts.

I also love that they allow young children to volunteer in their facility. We’ve gone as a family, and we sort and prepare the incoming clothes for their donation center. It’s an excellent opportunity to teach my children the importance of giving back. You can get involved easily by volunteering your time or money, or arranging a donation drive. They also provide mentorship opportunities, so if you run a company, this is a great way for the teens to get exposure to a career that may inspire them.

Paradigm-Designers-Boulder-co-local-non-profit-spotlight-image-of-a -woman-and-man-with-a-young--child-in-a-living-room

2. Resource & Eco-Cycle CHaRM (Center for Hard to Recycle Materials)

This local organization is dedicated to reducing waste in landfills. They accept donations of building materials and other hard-to-recycle items such as TVs, styrofoam packaging, batteries, and more. We encourage our clients to donate any materials in good condition for a potential tax deduction. Whether we’re removing cabinets or excess tile, they welcome anything reusable. For items you can’t upcycle, we strive to recycle them, and CHaRM provides the ideal place to make that happen.


3. Mother House

This one holds a deeper personal significance for me. Following the birth of my children, I became aware of the critical need for support for women during the postpartum period. This organization plays a crucial role in assisting at-risk mothers and their children by offering education, stability, and ongoing support throughout pregnancy and the early stages of motherhood. 

Mother House also provides a residential program for mothers that goes beyond shelter. They empower mothers by helping them develop the skills to be successful, responsible citizens and parents. They accept donations of gently used furniture or baby equipment and essential items like toiletries and diapers, which are always in demand.

The 3 organizations I shared are special to me because they are local and support causes near my heart. Please check them out or find something special to you that you can support with donations of your time and resources as we share the love this February.

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