Top 5 Statement Wallpaper Ideas for Every Design Style

If you’ve ever worked with me, you know I love wallpaper. There are many great ways to use it, from wrapping a small powder room to wallpapering a ceiling. I can always find a way to incorporate it. The thing is, there is a wallpaper for everyone, and the patterns and materials available today are mind-blowing. Take a look at how we have used wallpaper in past projects and some sneak peaks of wallpaper going up in a couple of our current projects.

1. Decide to Play it Safe or Go Big and Bold

You can always be safe, but why not go bold?  Wallpaper is unique, and there is no reason not to love your room when you or guests walk into a space.  Use a bold pattern to wrap a small powder room to make a significant impact or a subtle texture to provide a lot of visual interest.  We recently designed a moody powder room with dark trim and grasscloth wallcovering. It definitely makes a statement when you walk in.

2.  Single Patterns or Bold Mixes

One big pattern in a small space makes a striking statement. Also, don’t be afraid to mix two wallpapers. For example, you could have a beautiful modern mural on one wall and textured wallpaper on the side walls to emulate the textures of the fields in the mural.

3. Consider Furniture that Complements the Look

When papering a room, you need to consider the furniture and fabrics that will be installed in that room. This is why it’s important to hire a designer to ensure that all patterns work together. To make multiple patterns work in a room, you need to mix the scale appropriately.

4. Go Beyond the Room’s Walls

We don’t limit ourselves to the walls. Wallpaper can be used on the ceiling, behind bookcases, around a column, or even on cabinetry doors (think sideboards, not kitchen cabinets) for added visual interest.

5. Partner the Paper with Curated Art or Let it Shine Alone

Are you worried wallpaper will clash with your art? Let us help you find the perfect paper to enhance the art. If you have a big, bold piece of art, we’d likely pair that with a smaller print or simple texture, and vice versa.

Also, there really are no rules when it comes to wallpaper. The sky is the limit. Contact us, and let’s dream up a statement-making home together.



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